Amazing 40th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Inspirations

Living as a married couple is never easy. It is indeed fun and exciting, but it goes without saying that there are the downs too. Thus, it becomes unsurprising to see how people do celebrate wedding anniversary—it is like achievement in a game, isn’t it? With 25th wedding anniversary is related to silver and 50th one is associated to gold, the 40th is also called as ruby wedding anniversary. Just like the wedding, celebrating the anniversary often features one among 40th wedding anniversary cakes that act like the centerpiece all the same.

40th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Decoration Ideas

As aforementioned, 40th wedding anniversary is associated with ruby thus it becomes unsurprising that this jewel inspired color is exploited for the decoration. And it goes the same for the 40th wedding anniversary cakes as well. There are many 40th anniversary wedding cake ideas you can explore showing the beautiful ruby embellished anniversary cake to flaunt you. We personally find the color somewhat suits the lovey dovey celebration too, as red shade ruby possesses is often used to express everything related to love.

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Even so, remember that the 40th wedding anniversary cakes are not the wedding cakes itself. Although you may want to have the 40th anniversary wedding cake designs sophisticatedly decorated, your does not have to be overcrowded. Well, let’s take it as a human growing older, with adult thingy is less vivacious that children’s yet it is somewhat elegant in its simplicity. Take the idea for your 40th anniversary wedding cake decorations—wouldn’t it be truly nice?

However, it does not mean you cannot have some fun when it comes to selecting the right designs and decorations for your 40th wedding anniversary cakes. Even though we recommend you to opt for simpler yet elegant wedding cake design, it does not mean you cannot have some fun. For example, what about incorporating cool but lovely 40th anniversary wedding cake toppers? Ask the bakery where you order the wedding anniversary cake to use you and your family as inspiration for cake toppers—fondant-made toppers showing both of you with your children and grandchildren (if any) definitely will be simply meaningful, right?

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Alternatively, you can go for the traditional cake decorating ideas for the 40th wedding anniversary cakes instead. Well, since it is the ruby red wedding anniversary, red roses definitely will be totally perfect choice for the cake decoration, right? Whether you want the cake to be single layered or multilayered, round or square, flower adorned cake will never be a wrong idea to choose. Another decorating idea you can exploit is by adding heart-shaped decoration covering the cake.

The size and number of layer of your 40th wedding anniversary cakes usually will vary depending on the wedding anniversary party itself. With more people invited, the chance is you will need bigger (or more layers) cake. With beautiful design and decorating inspirations you can explore on this site, you will see how size does not really matter at all, though, as long as the decoration is beautifully created.

40th wedding anniversary cakes are often designed and decorated by incorporating the anniversary color theme: red ruby. The results are unquestionably amazing!

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