Ideas on Fishing Wedding Cake Topper for Fishing Lovers

Do you love fishing? Fishing is one of people’s favorite hobbies. They can feel so happy when they can go fishing and get the fish. If you are a couple that loves fishing and soon will hold a wedding ceremony, you will think about the wedding cake toppers. Since you love fishing, you can use this hobby as the idea on your wedding cake toppers. Don’t worry because there are many people who have done with fishing wedding cake topper. Below are some of the products.

Unique Creative Fishing Wedding Cake Topper

There are many products of fishing wedding cake topper on the internet. Internet becomes a very useful source to look for wedding cake toppers ideas. You can make use of this to look for the best toppers. The first sample is on hooked on you theme. Fishing is identical with the hook used for fishing. To make it as if you go fishing, you can make the cake in chocolate as if it was the river and you are on a boat and bringing the hook. The woman is standing and the man is sitting paddling the boat. It costs $79.99.

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Then, another idea on fishing cake topper is the man is sitting on the peak of the cake putting off his shoes. He is fishing but all he got is not fish but a beautiful woman wearing white gown. Of course this is you. This could be funny fishing wedding cake topper. You can apply this topper for your wedding cake. The price from each shop could be different but it costs $6.99 only the topper itself. If you order bigger topper, it will be more expensive.

You can also make another fishing action cake topper for your wedding cake. Now you are not in a boat but above the wooden bridge. Your cake can be in blue as the water or chocolate as the river. Then, for the bridge, you can make some pieces of chocolate bars arranged in order. The man is sitting and fishing while the woman is standing and giving support. To give more effect, you can order to have fish on the hook in fishing wedding cake topper. It costs $98.99.

You can also make simpler topper. If you are on budget but you still want to have fishing wedding cake topper, you can use the simpler idea. For example, this is the sexy bride fishing. Instead of go fishing, the couple in the topper only holds the hook. The man lifts his girl and they are kissing. To give more effect on the fishing, you can give the tools and kit for fishing. For example, there is a red box that is usually used for the tools and a board explaining something. It costs $56.08.

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The last one is the funny fishing wedding cake topper. If you are enough with the common ideas, you can make it funny. For example, the woman is the one who fishing but instead of fishing the fish, her hook is missed. The hooks drop at the belt of the man while the man is sitting on the edge of the cake. It costs $47.57. If you need to get more information, you can call us on the contact information page.

the fishing wedding cake topper is funny and unique. Find out some samples that we bring here that you can apply for your wedding day.

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