Out of the Box Fishing Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

Everyone will prepare the very best things for their perfect wedding day. Wedding cake is a must for every wedding party. It will complete your party with your family and relatives. For the wedding cake, of course you need ideas to make it different. Then, we suggest the fishing wedding cake toppers. You can use the fishing wedding cake idea to make your cake unique. You can explore this article to find out some ideas on fishing toppers.

Be Creative on Fishing Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake toppers are usually used as the decoration for every wedding cake. Thus, in many cakes, the toppers are just common: a couple is standing. That’s all. Moreover, you can make it more interesting with these fishing wedding cake toppers ideas. We only have one theme: fishing. That is the very first thing you should do in finding something. You need to look for the theme that you will bring to your wedding cake.

Let’s start. First idea on fishing wedding cake toppers, you can make it as if the woman forbids her man to go fishing by pulling off the collar of the man’s outfit. The man’s position is just like pulled person so one of his leg is lifted while the hook is on his hands. The cake toppers and the cake cost $34.99. This is the sample of simple wedding cake toppers. That is why you don’t spend too much money on this wedding cake topper.

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Another similar action from the previous one, the woman forbids her man to go fishing. So, pulls him while bringing the hook on the armpit. He looks like as if he cannot do anything. This is the one that usually happens for a man. To add more effect on fishing wedding cake, you can order to give a chocolate cake in a boat shape. Then, give other icing features expressing some fishing actions on fishing wedding cake toppers. It costs $79.99.

Another typical theme is like the previous two samples, but this one is not on a boat. You can just place the fishing wedding cake toppers above the cake. To give more dramatic effect, you can give a box or alcohol. The man is like drinking the beer and fishing. The woman who doesn’t like such thing will pull of her man and brings his hook. It costs $64.99.

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The last idea on this article in fishing wedding cake toppers is the ice fishing. If the previous ideas are river fishing, this one is ice fishing. The man can sit on small chair fishing and the woman brings the big fish. To make the Iceland, you can ask them to make you a large circular or round cake and give a small hole on any part of the cake. To give the water or ice effect, you can add a transparent cloth icing. It costs $79.99. If you want to buy the cakes, you can click on the link below. You will get special deals.

the ideas on fishing wedding cake toppers are not impossible. We have the samples above on fishing ideas. So, make it different and unique.


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