Let’s Cook DIY Gluten Free Wedding Cake

Wedding is a sacred ceremony that everyone is waiting for. They will prepare the best things for their wedding day, including the wedding cake. The wedding cake symbol is to represent the love of the couple that they will be a good partner and solve their problems together. The taste of the cake is everyone knows: sweet. But there are some people who cannot bear the sweet taste of the cake. So, the solution is to choose the gluten free wedding cake.

Yummy and Easy Gluten Free Wedding Cake

The wedding cake taste that is too sweet for some people makes you think over to choose the one that is less sweet. The gluten free wedding cake does not mean you do not give sweet or sugar in the cake. It uses still but in much less sugar. Some people use the non-cholesterol sugar. That is why it will not taste as sweet as other cakes. This is very suitable for those who are on diet or suffer from a certain disease that cannot eat something sweet. So, choose the best cake for your guests.

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Buying gluten free wedding cake in any wedding cake shops might cost pretty much. So, the solution is to make your own cake for your wedding. If you think it will be too complicated if you do it alone, you can ask someone to cook with you so you have an assistant. We have some ways to make the DIY cake that is less sweet. Follow these steps. If you do not know much about this kind of cake, you should read information about it so you will be well informed. Some recipes need different ingredients and tools.

When you are preparing the wedding cake ingredients, you should be aware upon the number of your guests. This is very important because you will never want to run out of cake and some of your guests do not have a chance to taste the cake. When you know how many people you will invite, you will know how large pan you will use to cook gluten free wedding cake. When you count the guests, you can multiple by two because your guest will bring their family.

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When you know the number of people you invite, you will be easier to look for the number of cake pieces that you will share to them. To cook gluten free wedding cake, of course you need gluten free flour. You need to preheat the oven in the temperature suggested by the recipe. Then, you can mix the batter but you should be sure that the recipe says so. Before you pour the mixture on the pan, layer the pan using greased parchment paper or you can apply the butter or margarine on its surface.

The use of the paper will make you able to release the gluten free wedding cake from the pan easily without crumbling. Then, you can apply the icing based on the recipe you have read. To support the cake, you can insert the dowels in the cake. The finishing can be up to you. It depends on the theme that you choose for your wedding ceremony. You can visit this page by subscribing and you will get special tips through your email.

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the gluten free wedding cake is very useful for those who don’t like sweet taste. Learn how to cook this cake so you can cut the budget on wedding cake.

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