5 Best and Popular Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

At the wedding, a cake can be the symbol of the wedding and sometimes, it is also the symbol of the social status of the wedding couple so you will see at the design of the celebrity wedding cake that is very huge, classy and made by famous designer. But, it doesn’t mean you have to have the same. You can go creatively and uniquely as what you want. This is your wedding. And just make it more memorable. You may be inspired with these popular Halloween wedding cake toppers.

5 Best Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

First of the best and popular Halloween wedding cake toppers is Jack O’Lanterns. This is the great cake topper idea you can make or ask a designer to make it. This cake topper can be fresh or faux. You can design a small gourd for mimicking the grinning Halloween companion traditionally. It will add a fun finish to the very unique wedding cake toppers ideas. You can make the face of this topper with benign or scary look. Just be more creative and be brave in decorating this cake topper to find your own style.

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Second choice of the popular Halloween wedding cake toppers is Vampires. This cake topper looks very scary and it has the romance as well as allure. These fanged creatures are really undeniable to be your wedding cake topper. You can have Dracula here or any vampires. It can be romantic expression too to give undying love and also cute and spooky piece. And the vampire bride and groom can be designed with darkly amorous twist. This can be one of the romantic and scary Halloween wedding cake toppers designs.

Third choice of the best Halloween wedding cake toppers is Zombies. Who doesn’t know zombie? Here, this cake topper can symbolize undying love too. These undead creatures are undying symbol that is really romantic as well as scary too. This wedding cake topper can be made with sweet, whimsical or just slightly gory and it can reflect the horrors and scary Halloween night. You can make Halloween wedding cake toppers or buy from many stores or order to make a custom design.

Fourth choice for the best Halloween wedding cake toppers is Frankenstein with His Bride. This couple is famous as one of the best Halloween wedding cake toppers you can find. It is surely famously ghoulish celebrity relationship. This wedding cake topper is also romantic and sweet for your Halloween wedding cake theme. You can also look for more ideas to decorate this cake topper to be scarier or more romantic. It gives a wonderful look too.

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The last idea here about Halloween wedding cake toppers is Character Toppers. You can select any characters of Halloween movies here just like Jack and Sally from the movie Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas or with Victor and Emily from the movie Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Those are the popular choice of character toppers but sure there are still many other choices you can find. Go further on this site, see more pictures to get more ideas and be inspired with them to create your own.

Halloween wedding cake toppers above are popular and can be the best choice you can get. If you are DIY enthusiast, you can also make your own topper with this theme.

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