5 Simple but Gorgeous Handmade Wedding Cards Ideas

A perfect wedding can be more memorable when it is attended by families and friends or guests by common meaning. So, if you want a perfect wedding, you need to invite them to come to attend the wedding. And there is nothing more special and warm except send them handmade wedding cards ideas. These cards are not only showing the date and day of the wedding or other important information related the wedding but also these wedding card making designs are showing your care.

5 Choices of Handmade Wedding Cards Ideas

There are many beautiful handcrafted card ideas you can try to make. But sure, you need the help of friends to make these cards. Just for your inspirations, here are 5 handmade wedding cards ideas you can try. First, it is bride and groom tri-fold card. This wedding card is simple to make but surely effective. This card design can be one of the easiest cards you can make by your own hands. You just simply need to print the sheet then cut it out and mount it on a piece of the card folded into three sections equally and trimming to size.

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Second choice of homemade wedding cards design it butterfly trifold wedding card. Trifold wedding card is very popular for DIY enthusiast and you can go with many ideas here just like these handmade wedding cards ideas that are decorated with butterfly. You can add fancy edges of this card with butterflies. You can also select the colors of the butterflies as you like. Even, you can make them with a few decoupage elements. It is to create beautiful and amazing 3D effect. This should be beautiful.

Next idea of handmade wedding cards ideas is Red Dove Silhouette Card. This wedding card looks very stunning and beautiful as well as romantic. You have more variety of the printable sentiments here. So, any styles you want, you can make it too. It depends on your creativity. To make it more beautiful, you can add ribbons and lace or other card candies. Look at the pictures of these handmade card samples to find your own designs and styles. It can be your special wedding card too.

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Fourth choice of handmade wedding cards ideas is Everlasting love wedding card. This wedding card is delightful with sweet and romantic hearts and roses. This wedding card is awesome for your wedding, wedding anniversary or engagement day. You can also make 3D decoupage for the roses on the front of the car to make it more fabulous. You can also add the colors you like including other decoration of the edge of the card. Be creative as the key to get the best one.

Fifth choice of the handmade wedding cards ideas is Vintage Black and White Silhouette Cards. This wedding card is also charming. It has red bows and hearts or you can go with other colors you like depending on the color of the wedding day you have. It is also suitable for anniversary or engagement. This card is also easy and quick to make but surely it is really fabulous and enchanting for your wedding card.

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handmade wedding cards ideas are beautiful and wonderful with more creative ideas you can try to make. Be more creative and find more other ideas to enrich the look.

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