How to Ice a Wedding Cake in Minutes? Every Savvy-Bride Should Know

When the wedding date is about to come and when the people seems busy in doing their own job to welcome your big day, perhaps going to the kitchen and start learning of how to ice a wedding cake will be a good choice. Icing the cake, especially the one to be shown at the wedding might be a challenging task. However, with bit patience, you will be able to do it and see the awesome result. This post will show you how, so keep on reading and be ready to roll up your sleeves!

Four Steps Showing You How to Apply the Ice for Your Cake

The first step in icing the wedding cake will be about preparing all the equipments needed. Prepare for some basic tools such as lazy susan, spatula made from metal, an icing pack, and also spackle tools made from plastic. Besides that, you will require butter cream icing, cake board, and definitely a cake. After preparing all the needed tools, then the next step of how to ice a wedding cake will be waiting the cake done. Once you take out the cake from its oven, let it cool for a while. Even, some bakers believe that placing cake at the freezer for about an hour will give a better result.

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Suppose the cake is already firm since it gets chill through the freezer, now split the cake based on the amount of layers you want to have. Divide the cake into several layers by using a sharp knife. Set it aside. The next step of how to ice a wedding cake is applying butter cream at the top of the cake. Give the filling based on your needs and add the layered cake at above. Wedding cake with filling will not only be more delicious but also sturdier since the filling will be like glue that stick between one layers and another layer.

A perfect wedding cake decoration will be far easy when it has an even cake surface. And, in order to make it, you can apply the icing right after the filling is added. Put the icing at the cake and spread it off till all cake surfaces are covered. Bear in your mind not to lift up the spatula for often since it will give a crumb. Spread and move the icing both at the side part of the cake as well as the top of the cake. Within this stage, the cake should be even, though we still need to do other steps of how to ice a wedding cake for making the surface nothing but smoother.

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With the help of spackle tool, flatten the side shape of the cake by turning the lazy susan while still let the spackle tool stay on its position. Do it for 5 up to 6 rounded times and you will get a smooth side surface. Continue the smoothening process at how to ice a wedding cake by flattening the top surface of the cake. In this step, you can use spatula to push all the surfaces till you have a super smooth cake. Now, what you need to do is just finding the best way about how to decorate a wedding cake.

So, guys, what do you think? Though it looks like a bit complicated, making your own wedding cake will give you a lot of benefits. Right after knowing the steps of icing the cake, perhaps you will be interested to explore more tips of how to ice a wedding cake! This site comes with full-informative article, so stay reading at this site and get the one you need for most.

how to ice a wedding cake belongs to simple steps showing the process of icing your DIY wedding cake. Take a look at the steps and be ready to make a try!

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