How to Plan a Wedding? Here Are the Honest Answers!

Once your dearest already proposed you some days ago, no matter when the real time is, you have to know the basic things about how to plan a wedding. Generally, couple will need for a year to make all wedding checklist done. While, if you have lots of energy to run there and here, perhaps you can make it complete within 6 months only. This post will share about some steps of having perfect wedding that will be your guide. Here we go!

Several Steps in Planning a Wedding

The first step at how to plan a wedding will be about preparing the simple but confusing stuffs. You have to decide certain budget to cover all the things about your wedding. Make a scale of priority first by considering what you need, not by what you want. Perhaps, you want to make a guess list right after this. Ask your close friend, your family, your ex even, so that you can determine the amount of the people as well as the space and also the budget for paying the courses. This is one of the most essential steps of wedding planning checklists.

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Right after that, be ready to set the date! In order to keep you safe, be ready with any alternative date to anticipate all unexpected things. Once you have got the right date, go hunt the next steps which are about finding the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony. The tips of how to plan a wedding in this stage is that looking an affordable building which is out of box! Instead of booking a hotel or cafe for bringing the wedding, why don’t make it at museums, library, art galleries, garden, and the like? Searching the best wedding planning venue with the unusual receptions halls will be far memorable.

Having done with the above steps, now it will be your time to contact the churches to explain that you two wants to get married. Book the pastor as soon as possible since they will have super tight schedule. Right after this step, you can think for other fun steps of how to plan a wedding by thinking about the best theme to go. Discuss it with your spouse as this day is your both day. Consider also the dress, the bridesmaids, tuxedos, and the like. This step will be the busiest time as you have to meet with photographer, florist, make-up artists, and the like.

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The next wedding planning guide say that you have to go hunt for wedding invitation as well as wedding souvenir store! Choose the souvenir wisely as perhaps you want to plan a honeymoon after the party is over. Find as much as possible about any information of getting marriage license. Collect all the documents needed at this stage. Bear in your mind that how to plan a wedding is a fun thing to do. It will be a sweet memory for you both, no matter how tiring the steps in each stage is.


Doing follow up is a must. When the D-day is getting closer, you have to make sure that your vendors do the job well. If you think the steps at how to plan a wedding is nothing but tiring, then you can get relax by visiting the nearest saloon and spa. So, set the date and be ready to fetch your lovely day. This site serves complete information about wedding preparation, so, do explore more!

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how to plan a wedding serves you a simple guide about planning a perfect wedding. Do take a look at these and be ready for having an enviable wedding day!

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