Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas for Spectacular Wedding in 2015

If you want to create a unique and one of a kind wedding theme, you could use animal as your theme. Animal is often used as wedding theme because people think that it is not common. You could choose one animal and make it as the theme. Peacock theme is one of the great ideas to make a spectacular wedding that can be memorable for you and your guest. Peacock is known as a symbol of beauty and luxury. That is why it is suitable to create great theme for a wedding. Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas are great for you who like to have a glamour and luxurious wedding ceremony.

Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas Preparation

Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas have colorful combination of colors. That is why it is suitable for you who like to have colorful and stylish wedding. Peacock theme wedding need ideas combine all of the colors elements in the peacock feathers to be used as the decoration colors in the wedding. There are many peacock decorations that you could choose for your wedding.

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Peacock themed wedding colors are mostly teal, blue, green or purple in combination. Use the colors in the peacock feathers as the colors that guide you to create the decoration in your wedding. Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas can be made for all of the elements in the wedding from small until big decoration in the wedding. You could choose those colors decoration to create bridesmaid dresses, invitation cards, bouquet, centerpieces, table and chair decoration, wall decoration, jewelry, accessories and many more.

Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas Reception

Peacock wedding reception is not cheap to make. You need to buy some peacock feathers to make your decoration looks real and great. The authentic peacock feathers are very expensive, so you could buy the synthetic one to decorate your wedding. To create stunning Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas, you could put the peacock feathers in your invitation card. Put the feathers in each invitation to make sure they will understand that your wedding will have peacock theme.

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If you want to add peacock feathers in your decoration you could use it in the braid bouquet or as the accessories wear by the groom and the bride. If you do not have much budget, you could minimize using the peacock feathers only in the place which is visible to be seen by many people such as in the wall decoration or in the bride and groom appearance. Peacock feather wedding theme will cost around $15,000 for the whole decoration. So, if you want to minimize your budget, you could create Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas which does not use many peacock feathers in it.

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Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas are great to be chosen as the theme in a wedding. This theme creates a unique yet luxurious wedding idea which is different and spectacular.

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