Enchanting 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas Inspirations You Must See

First thing first: congratulation on your 50th wedding anniversary! Well, it is indeed a great job to get this far—fifty years together!—with all of those ups and downs. And that only makes an even better reason to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, whether it is only with your family or with old friends invited. Besides, with this milestone, it is also common for children to be the ones throwing the party instead. To make the celebration even more exciting for all guests invited, we have some beautiful 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas you definitely will not want to miss.

Delightfully Elegant 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas

As we all know, 50th wedding anniversary is also called as golden one, thus it becomes unsurprising to see golden color becomes the main theme of the celebration. Well, just like what you may have seen from those 50th wedding anniversary cake photos, the color theme beautifully makes the 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas even more wonderful, doesn’t it? Deliciously elegant, the cake will be a great centerpiece to the party too.

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When it comes to 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas, the beauty and glamour of golden color for decoration, however, is not the only one people adore. There are many ways to incorporate the color into the 50th wedding anniversary cake designs as well. Again and again, remember that a wedding anniversary cake is not like the wedding cake itself, as it is usually decorated with less embellishments yet it is somewhat still elegant and beautiful all the same.

Considering how glamorous golden color is, we can expect nothing excessive from designs and decorations for 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas as simple touch may look already noticeable anyway. Well, for example, with simple white fondant covering the cake, glamorous 50th wedding anniversary cake toppers in golden definitely will be easily noticed, right? And speaking of the wedding anniversary cake toppers, you can also choose one among many designs. Starting from simple topper shaped in 50 or beautiful golden flowers, the choices are plenty.

Alternatively, what about making the decoration even more meaningful for both of you? It may take nothing but a picture of your wedding ceremony reproduced on edible paper, which is now popular in use. Just take a look at one of 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas here with its simple wedding design that is made even more fascinating with this simple and personal touch. And this is one 50th anniversary cake that does not have to be so glamorous in golden, yet still inspiring all the same.

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Even though the 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas and the whole celebration itself emphasize on the simplicity in elegance, it doesn’t mean the host and guests, including the couple, cannot have some fun. Rather than going for traditional cake, what about preparing cupcakes instead? Cupcakes ideas you can find on this site will also make a great wedding anniversary party favor with decoration that is just as fascinating as one spotted in 50th wedding anniversary cake pictures this site offers as well.

50th wedding anniversary cake ideas are mostly characterized by the use of golden for decoration, yet it does not mean the design cannot be fun and truly fascinating.

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