The Best South Indian Wedding Hairstyles: Hairstylists’ Offers

If we pay attention to the South Indian wedding hairstyles, we will find the changes and improvements on the styles. To perform perfectly in your wedding day, having great attire is not enough. Glamorous saree with long dress and many eye-catching beads and décor should be completed with an excellent hairdo. There are some best different south Indian hair styles for your style. Check these out!

South Indian Wedding Hairstyles Accessories

It seems impossible to find some photos south Indian wedding hairstyle images showing simple plain hairdo without any accessories added. There are some popular South Indian wedding hairstyles accessories that almost available in every Indian wedding hairstyles. They are jada, flowers and maang tikkas. Jada is a traditional hairstyle accessory is commonly added for a bride’s long hair. It is normally made from flower which is embellished with gold accents. The gold jada is commonly covered with gems or diamonds for more elegant look.

Creating minimalist South Indian wedding hairstyles does not mean that you will not do anything. Adding flowers is the most effective decoration for hairdo. There are two most popular flowers that you can take for the decoration. They are rose and jasmine. Then, the other traditional hair accessory is called maang tikkas. Gold is usually used for this accessory, but there are some other materials that you can use today. They are flowers, pearls, diamond and some precious stones.

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The Latest Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

Talking about the latest south Indian wedding hairdo, there are at least three different styles that you can choose. They are hairstyle with bun, braided hairstyle, and simple open hair. Hair buns seem to be one of South Indian wedding hairstyles. However, some contemporary hairdo is benefitting the concept of this hair bun. It can be collaborated with some hairstyles for more imposing look, such as letting a long curly bang, adding maang tika, and employing veil.

There are some pictures south Indian wedding hairstyle images telling the reasons why you should take the other options of hairstyle than having your hair with buns. Braided hair is another example of South Indian wedding hairstyles that you may take for a luxurious look. You can have your hair decorated with ornaments, lace and flowers. For a simple luxury image, the white jasmine flowers can be employed. However, some Indians prefer having colorful touches. It is like what you can find in Punjabi weddings. There, the brides are with bold color and lots of accessories to decorate and complete the hairdo.

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Open hair is the contemporary style and the simplest example of South Indian wedding hairstyles. This hairdo does not require too many decorative items. Flaunting your long hair for the wedding day is a great different choice. When others need the existence of lots of accessories, creating this simple hairstyle, you need to make some curls for the decoration. You may also cover your hair by using veil for another decoration. For more ideas in preparing your wedding day, check the following related posts offering a bunch of inspiration that you should take and apply.

South Indian wedding hairstyles need some accessories the hair decor. There are some best hairstyles for the latest version, hairdo with buns, braided hairdo and open hairdo.

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