DIY Styles for Gorgeous Updos for Medium Hair

Do you think you have good medium hair? For both women and men, hair is the crown of the head that is why they need to treat it well. The length of the hair is different from one person to another. For women with medium hair, sometimes it is confusing to choose a medium hair style. This is because the length is in between. Meanwhile when you are about to come to a party, you need to make updos for medium hair. If you are looking for some, here is the article.

Let’s Try DIY Updos for Medium Hair

There are many types of medium hairstyles you can find. There are so many of them as people also try to make new updo for their hair. The first one is the tousled and teased updos for medium hair. When you have curly or wavy hair, you must feel lucky because the textured hair is very easy to make the hair twist. Keep your bangs up so you can see the elegant you. You can also play with the pieces from your hair to make it more playful.

The second style is the bump and twist. Since any medium hair color is suitable for any style, there will be one color that is most suitable for this style. You can try to look for bright colors for the hair to make the twist more visible. When you want to apply this style, you need to make sure your hair dry and comb neatly. Every side of your hair above the ears should be twisted up and back. Then, you can use bobby pins to make updos for medium hair secure.

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You can look so innocent and sweet by applying the sweet innocence hairstyle. This is so suitable for updos for medium hair because you will not get complicated by this style. If your hair is curly already, so this is perfect for you because what you do next is make the ponytail in low side then you can secure it using clear elastic. Still in your ponytail, you can grab and make roll. Make it into a soft bun and secure. You can use hair spray if necessary.

If you want to attend a wedding ceremony or this is you who get married sweet medium hair updo is the best choice. You only need to grab your curly hair up into your head. Then, you can make the thick fringe spot to give soft look on your hair. To make the updos for medium hair secure, use the bobby pins to manage the curls so it will look artistic. Make a simple ponytail and little hair that is left unmanaged to give beautifully messy look.

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The last updos for medium hair one could be the most rock and roll style because now is the time for rockabilly roll. We can say that this is the simplest style because all you do is manage the front part of hair. The back part of the hair is enough to secure with elastic. Then, you can grab the front part of the hair; use a roll to make beautiful hair roll. Secure some parts with bobby pins and use hair spray if necessary. If you need some more information, you better stay in this site.

there are some styles of updos for medium hair. You can find the top 5 styles for medium hair for women in attending special occasions.

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