Display Your Vintage Wedding Cake Stands Proudly!

What is an important thing in a wedding party? It could be a wedding cake. Although it is not the most important one, everyone will need it because this is the thing that you will slice. A wedding cake is usually leveled. It will be in three or more levels. But the amount of the level is your right to decide. One of the things that are used in the cake is vintage wedding cake stands. But today we will show you how to display wedding cake well.

Let’s Display Your Vintage Wedding Cake Stands

When you order a wedding cake, you should think that it will be the focal point of your wedding party. Thus, you need to order the good wedding cake. The goodness of the cake is on the decoration but there is another weapon to make your guests amazed with your cake: vintage wedding cake stands. This is the type of finishing that will add up height to your cake. You can look for many designs of cake stands that you can use over the wedding cake you have.

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The next thing is to decide fix wedding cake stand size. This is true that vintage wedding cake stands will make your cake look better and higher but if the stand is too large or too small, it will be a nightmare. To choose the right size of the cake stand, you can choose the same size as the bottom tier of the cake. If you want to have other decorations, you can choose the bigger one. There are standard sizes such as 10”, 12”, 4”, 16”, and 18”.

To place the wedding cake on vintage wedding cake stands, we believe that you will not place the cake directly in the stand. Everyone will use the wedding cake board as the “plate” of the cake. Every time you buy a cake in any shop, you will always find this board inside the cake box. The board aims to be the transportation to bring the cake into the stand. We believe that you will not transport the cake using no board because it will damage the cake.

Then, when you have found the right cake board, the next thing to do is to decorate the cake board itself. The cake board above vintage wedding cake stands needs to be decorated so it will not look so plain and unattractive. It is like when you do not use any clothes and go out of home. You also need to decorate the cake board to make it look as if invisible. You can ask the shop where you order the cake to decorate also the cake board.

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The last one about vintage wedding cake stands strategy is the location on where you will put the cake. Since you want to show off the cake, thus you need to place the cake in the most strategic place. It could be in the center of the room. The most important thing in cake placement is to avoid the sunlight and any crowded place, and the dance floor. If you need the best wedding cake stand, you can call us in the number below.

to place the cake, you need vintage wedding cake stands. There are various sizes of the stands. You can match it up with the size of your wedding cake.

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