Glamorous Wedding Cake Table Ideas for Spectacular Wedding Decor

A young man and young woman will be so busy to prepare their big day, wedding. There are numerous things to prepare before a wedding including the suit of groom, bride’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, wedding decoration, and wedding cake table ideas. Some couples would love to prepare a wedding cake with cute decoration on the top of the wedding cake and they love to use their wedding cake as the focal point of their wedding decoration. If a couple wants to beautify their wedding décor with wedding cake, they must prepare outstanding table where they’ll place their cake.

To prepare nice wedding cake table, a couple of lovers must decide the color of their wedding cake first since the wedding cake table ideas are depending on the wedding cake color. For example, if the wedding cake is white, there are so many wedding cake table decoration ideas available. White wedding cake that’s placed right in the middle of round table and surrounded by red flower petals look so romantic, especially if there is bride and groom decoration on the top of the wedding cake. White wedding cake will look gorgeous as long as it isn’t placed on a plain white table.

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But if the couple of lovers are going to order a chocolate wedding cake with brown color dominating the cake or strawberry wedding cake with pink and red icing sugar, there are limited wedding cake table ideas they can opt. Chocolate wedding cake with its brown color looks elegant when it is placed on a white table. Since the chocolate wedding cake is already completed with cute color, the wedding cake table shall be simple. Too many ornaments on the chocolate wedding cake and on the arch for wedding cake tables make the wedding décor looks excessive.

Sweet and Romantic Wedding Cake Table Ideas

The other wedding cake table ideas we’d like to share is for strawberry wedding cake with pink and red icing sugar. Since some romantic girls would like to complete their wedding décor with strawberry wedding cake that’s beautified with not only sweet colored icing sugar but also strawberry or rose flower ornaments, the wedding cake table decorations flowers must be simpler than the wedding cake. A wedding cake with pink or red flower shaped icing sugar won’t look pretty when it is placed on a wedding cake table with lots of flower. Place flowery wedding cake on a table with simple skirting without another flower decoration.

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There are some wedding cake table ideas for wedding cake with fresh flowers. For example, beautiful wedding cakes with fresh flowers on a table with simple skirting in pastel color will look pretty. But since fresh flowers are complicated ornament for wedding cake, it is better to order a wedding cake with fresh flowers from an experienced maker of wedding cake instead of following the tips about how to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers from the internet.

The experienced maker of wedding cake would like to help you by designing the most beautiful wedding cake with fresh flowers. Besides, she will share some wedding cake table ideas you can take to décor your wedding perfectly. That’s all tips about decorating wedding cake table. Explore this site and find more treasures about wedding ideas for your most romantic wedding.

Wedding cake table ideas we share in this article will help you decorating your wedding cake table perfectly. Just read this article and you’ll see what you can do to perfect your wedding decor.

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