Ultimate Guide to Picking Wedding First Dance Songs

When you are planning your wedding, you will have many advices when it comes to the choice of wedding first dance songs. Starting from unique wedding first dance songs to ultimately rock songs for wedding first dances, in general you can choose any song you like (after all, it is your wedding anyway). However, there are some things you must consider when you choose your first dance song and we have summarized them to help you choosing. Here they are!

Test it out so you can dance to it. Why? It is to choose the right tempo. Thus, do not ever skip a practice run, which can be really fun as you can try any possible wedding first dance songs you and your partner want to play. You may want to have an audience as part of the practice run too—ask your friends or family to do so. Another important decision to make when selecting first dance songs is the vibe. Now, the modern wedding first dance songs are acceptable and nobody expect for only a waltz at every wedding.

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Do not give up easily when the possible wedding first dance songs fail the test. If the song is too fast for your taste, you can opt for another version of the song, such as another artist’s cover. Things can be much easier if you choose the everlasting songs as the chance is there are many different versions you can find. Alternatively, look for the acoustic version or the song from same artist, only in different arrangement. If the song is too long, your DJ can fade it out to shorten the song.

Those are the tips and we still have more to say to you. Yes, here are some cool ideas you can consider for your wedding first dance songs. Starting from simple pop songs to classic rock, explore the choices for more possibilities of songs to play at your wedding. Check them out!

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Are you going married to your bestfriend? Well, Jason Mraz and ColbieCaillat’s famous “Lucky” definitely is supposed to be in your list of wedding first dance songs. Alternatively, what about another pop song from Christina Perri with her “A Thousand Years”? Justin Timberlake’s “Not a Bad Thing” is also one cool pop song perfect for your first dance. Are you a fan of Adele? Well, not all of her songs are about break up (how many times did you cry every time “Someone Like You” plays on the radio?) since she did a great cover for “Lovesong”.

“How Deep is Your Love?” has been covered by many artists but we personally find The Bird and the Bee’s version is too adorable. Alternatively, if you prefer the slow, ballad song with dark and glamour feel, consider Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. For timeless wedding first dance songs, what about “The Way You Look Tonight” by the one and only Frank Sinatra? Brit-pop fans surely will not miss the chance to play “Wonderwall” by Oasis for their wedding too.

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Wedding first dance songs can be simply picked based on you and your significant other’s favorite songs. With nobody expect only a waltz for wedding, the options are thus expanded.

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