DIY Creative Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

One the most interesting thing at the wedding is when you see your friends or guests attend the wedding as you have invited them. That is why beside an invitation card you sent to them, you need to have a guest book for the wedding so your guests can write down their name as their attendance. If you are DIY enthusiast, you surely want to make a different guest book than other wedding couples. There are many wedding guest book ideas you can try to make. Here are 5 creative ideas.

5 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

First idea you can try is paper garland. Here, this is one of the creative wedding guest book ideas you can try easily. You will provide a stack of beautiful construction-paper strips where they are like the one you used in the grade school to create paper chains. Here, in this idea of wedding guest book ideas DIY, you will ask your guest to write a message on the paper then attach it to the chain. You can use glue dots to make it easy and simpler and there no sticky glue here. It should be wonderful.

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Second choice of homemade wedding guest book ideas is shell collection. Beside using paper above, to make creative and unique wedding guest book ideas, you can also use shell collection. This idea can be more wonderful too if your wedding has the theme about sea but sure although it is not, this idea is unique.  Just place a bounty of cleaned shells on the table. You can use gold-leaf marker here with footed glass bowl. Your guests can sign these shells; write their messages, names and more.

You can also use rocks instead of shells here as the creative wedding guest book ideas. Indeed, you can also use smooth rocks here as the guest book. Here, you can take the rocks from a sentimental location like the lake of your first vacation. Ask your guest to sign them. It is good to use paint-style markers here or use enamel-based metallic pens. Then, place the rocks in a beautiful glass cylinder then you will see it can be a really creative and unique display.

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Next idea of wedding guest book alternatives is personalized platter. You can use bisque platter here then ask your guests to sign or write a message. You can use special pencil or marker here that can work perfectly on platter. Use some colors of the pencils. After the platter has been signed by your guest, it can be more wonderful wedding guest book ideas when you ask a help to have it glazed and also refined to make it more beautiful as your wall hanging.  This should be creative wall decoration too.

The last alternative wedding guest book ideas is using colorful prints. Here, you will ask your guest to leave their mark. This is just like other creative wedding guest book ideas that you can use as wall hanging after the wedding. Ask your guest to leave their mark with colorful ink on the paper or white cloth. It is recommended to use washable ink as well as wet wipes for the guests to clean their hands. There are also other alternatives you can find only here in this site.

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wedding guest book ideas above are creative and unique. You can make your own guest book. There are also other gorgeous and wonderful ideas you can try to make

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