Tips and Ideas to Make 4 Tier Wedding Cakes for Your Big Moment

Well, when it comes to wedding, it goes without saying that the cake serves as the centerpiece at the same time! And to maximize the impression, single layered wedding cake is mostly out of option—well, if you want dramatic look, multilayered ones definitely are what to choose, aren’t they? As for today, we will focus more on the 4 tier wedding cakes. Aside from showing you many amazing 4 tier wedding cakes pictures, we are also here to show you that  4 tier wedding cakes sizes aren’t the only one important to consider when you make one.

Making 4 Tier Wedding Cakes Ideas and Tips

Well, you do not have to go overboard to ensure any of the 4 tier wedding cakes you make or order will look truly fascinating. Even though you may want to make the cake simply outstanding, traditional 4 tier wedding cakes designs are timelessly sophisticated and worth every second of hard work to decorate—ivory or white icing details in royal touch, fondant covering, and floral, especially roses, sprays. The mantra is “less is more”, meaning you don’t need to overcrowd your white or ivory cake with too much decoration.

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When it comes to glamorous bridal cake, vintage style will be one that will never be out of style. Opt for vintage 4 tier wedding cakes if you want to embrace the timeless class with soft, delicate, and romantic touch not only to your wedding decor but also to the cake as well. Use slight sephia or cream color palettes adorned by old-fashioned motifs like jewels, lace, and nature. Oh, you’ll be surprised knowing how the inspirations can be found even from everyday item, such as book cover!

Fashionable weddings tend to feature the beautiful modern cakes, including the 4 tier wedding cakes, as the centerpiece. Just as expected from modern style, the cakes are less intricate in details with clean lines, straight edges, and simple design feature become the key points. Even so, it doesn’t mean they are made with lack of luxury. Bright or striking colors are also often found. We recommend you to have mirror fixed to the wall where you work if you make and decorate the cake yourself. Thus, you can keep your eyes on the front, sides, and back of the cake!

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Having beautiful flowers decorating a nuptial appears to be a must-do thing, thus it becomes unsurprising to see how floral decorations are also popular for wedding cakes. Besides, it doesn’t matter how trend changes over time, floral bouquet embellished wedding cakes are always on the list. And it goes the same for the multilayered, 4 tier wedding cakes. When the glam and all-time’s favorite floral bouquet decorated cakes become your choice, order or make one with elaborate royal icing piped butterflies and handmade sugar flowers to distinct the hundreds-of-dollars bridal cake from kid’s birthday one.

Actually, there are still many ideas you can explore from multilayered bridal cakes, including the 4 tier wedding cakes. Thus, you will get to know that the 4 tier wedding cakes prices, designs, and sizes aren’t the only important aspects to take into account. Find more related wedding cake ideas and tips only on this site.

4 tier wedding cakes add more glamour into the nuptials while serving as the wedding decoration centerpiece at the same time. There are many ideas to explore for yours.

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