Taking Cocktail Wedding Reception Ideas into Account

When holding a formal dinner is too expensive for you, the cocktail wedding reception ideas will be the solution. It is very you if you love traditional way of celebrating wedding. It does not need an expensive price tag. There are some considerations that you should take in holding cocktail party; they are about selecting venue and decoration, deciding the dress code, entertaining with food and drink, providing cake and dresser, and music.

Cocktail Wedding Reception Ideas: All the Things to Consider

For the best venue of this traditional cocktail wedding reception, there are some places that you can select. Restaurant, bistro, and hotel are perfect for the party. The more benefit is that there will be some staff that will kindly help you hold the wedding reception. The staff must have good experience and consulting them makes you wisely manage your budget. Affordability can be the main cocktail wedding reception ideas that everyone thinks about.

There are some cocktail wedding reception decorating ideas to do. The simplest decorating idea is by adding some flowers surrounding the venue. The can be simply planted on some vases and displayed at some spots or can also be arranged for more sophisticated look. Some other cocktail wedding reception ideas decoration can be by featuring with some seating. Providing some sets of table and grouped chairs offer some spots to gather. It will be great to have parasol at the table. The dress code can also support the decoration. All the maids together wearing certain dress will be nicely captured. The photo will look in unison.

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Music is another important example of cocktail wedding reception ideas. Simply playing some music from your gadget is interesting enough. However, it will be much more awesome if you can hire a professional DJ. Live music is more passionate than simply running the music on your gadget. Then, just let the guests dance following the tunes. Hiring a jazz trio is also a nice idea. Some of the guests jamming enliven the event.

There will be no full meals for the cocktail party. You need to announce that cocktail wedding food would be a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres. Be careful in selecting the appetizers. They should be rich in tastes that the guests can have some of them. The next one of cocktail wedding reception ideas is designing a full bar. Champagne, signature cocktail and wine are perfect for the party. Don’t miss them all. Cake and dessert should also be invited. It is possible for you to have a tiered cake for the counterpoint. After being cut, share with the guests. Finally, some desserts end the food time.

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One more cocktail style wedding reception ideas is about the duration of the party. You need to make sure that it will not be too long. However, it should be enough for the entire show of the night ceremony starting from the hors d’oeuvres, food time, party, and the rituals. This idea seems to be a simple thing, but it is actually as important as the other cocktail wedding reception ideas because when you have longer time, the party will be boring. If this information is not sufficient, find much other information only on this site.

cocktail wedding reception ideas should be applied for the best moment of your wedding. The avenue, decoration, dress code, food and drink, and duration should be considered.

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