Awesome Country Wedding Cake Toppers Decorating Wedding Cake

You need to know that country wedding cake toppers was popular in 1950s in United States. At that time, almost all the wedding reception is completed with this decorative feature. The decoration was a tiny model that is added the top of a wedding cake. It commonly presented a couple who wears wedding attire in formal design. It was not a simple decoration for the western wedding cakes, but it was meaningful enough since it represented togetherness.

Getting to the deeper purpose of the existence of country wedding cake toppers, the couple should commit of being together forever. At a glance, the topper seems to be a simple decoration. But the meaning is actually about deepness in feeling. Yes, the feeling between the bride and groom. When paying attention more to its design, you will find various designs of western wedding cake toppers. It is not only the formal design, even, humorous design is also available.

The country wedding cake toppers are normally with small model representing the bride and groom. They are using formal attire. The bride is with a long wedding dress in white. It is completed with veil. Then, the groom is wearing black morning dress. A grey hat completes the groom’s attire. They stand together on the wedding cake. The commonly used material for this country wedding cake toppers bride groom is ceramic. This material was popular starting from the 1959.

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The Development of Country Wedding Cake Toppers

Day by day, country wedding cake toppers are getting familiar for everyone. The decorative toppers are not only famous in United State, but around the globe. Because there are a lot of different cultures, the design of the topper is also different from a certain place to another place. Less formal, comical, same-sex toppers, etc. are now available. The less formal, for example, a model of bride and groom is not designed as they stand side by side. The design showing them when they are dancing is also interesting.

When the design is based on hobby, it will be far more interesting. People are more creative in designing special toppers which may be better than the country wedding cake toppers. The design specifically represents the personal characters of the bride and groom. The example is by adding a motorcycle showing that the couple loves touring very much. The more creative designs come from the comical toppers. Many inspirations support the toppers. The bride and groom models are designed in more various actions such as kissing, running, bending down, hugging, etc.

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In addition to the less formal and country wedding cake toppers humorous, the same sex toppers are more breathtaking. In some countries, it is allowed for two men or two women to marry. The toppers will be so special because the character will be with the same sex. The model of this sort of country wedding cake toppers is also various enough. You can look for some images and find out some inspiration for more ideas only here. Then, please share with us!

country wedding cake toppers are normally in formal design. As the development, there are various designs of toppers including the less formal, comical and even humorous designs.

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