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The intelligence possessed by goats makes it easy to establish relationships with their owners. Even so, not all types of goats can be kept as pets. One type of goat that is easy to maintain is a mini goat or pigmy goat.

Mini goats have a small body size, so they look cute and adorable.

“The intelligence of this goat is proven because it can indeed be used as a pet. Although it is not as smart as a dog, its level of intelligence is almost equivalent to that of a cat and can bond with humans as its owner,” said Baihaqi.

Goats Can Imitate Human Behavior

Compared to sheep, goat behavior is more expressive and resourceful. Goats are also easier to train and learn from humans. This is because goats have the ability to stereotype or imitate.

In addition, goats can also climb trees to meet their food needs. With this intelligence, goats are easier to breed and survive in extreme areas. Even on dry land though.

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For goats kept in public, they tend to be more wary of predatory attacks. Not only that, goats are also able to find their own food to fulfill their body’s nutrition.

Goats are also hard to steal. The intelligence of this one farm animal makes it easy to distinguish between owners and non-owners. So, the goat is less likely to be stolen.

Goats Can Read Human Facial Expressions

Quoted from the Queen Mary University of London’s official website, goats can read human facial expressions. This fact is supported by research by Dr. Alan McElligot.

Alan analyzed the interactions of 20 goats by giving them photos of happy and angry human facial expressions. The results showed that goats preferred to interact with humans who radiated a happy aura from their faces.

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