Just in time for spring, we want to give the sofa on which we have spent so many hours the last few months a new look—a little refreshment for spring. The easiest way to do this is with new sofa cushions and cushion covers. For the small sofa makeover, you only need a few textiles that can change the living room’s look and have a significant visual effect – although they are only small accessories. Little effort, significant effect.

The magical effect of cozy sofa cushions

This spring, its textiles and sofa cushions in natural and earth tones, in particular, capture the spring-like mood on the sofa. A mixture of earthy and sandy tones ensures a particularly harmonious color feeling. They go well with sofas with gray upholstery fabrics, mossy green tones, cognac-colored leather, and blue upholstery. The latter often creates a maritime vibe, which is more than welcome to us after the long winter.

With sofa cushions, it is advisable to mix different textures, which results in a visually and haptically exciting whole. In the near-natural color palettes, we also see many soft pastel shades – perfect for spring and the colors that are about to come.

Beautiful sofa cushions for spring

There are many beautiful pillowcases. We’ve combined a mix of classics and on-trend patterns for this spring that evokes different styles and works on many sofas. Cushions can be used to both complement and redefine the furnishing style. Cuddly throw pillows on the couch are perfect for giving the coziness at home a little makeover.

The throw pillows are made of wool and are a true Danish classic. The famous designer Børge Mogensen already used the checked pattern for his upholstered furniture in the 1960s. The pink cushion covers are available in three different sizes.

The Quilt Ring silver cushion covers from Broste Copenhagen exude the charm of delicate early bloomers combined with the elaborate art of quilting. This gives the quilted top of the velvet cushions a vigorous quality and brings a noble touch of spring to the sofa.

  • The Loop pillow is available in two versions, Landscape, and Mountain.
  • Both are hand-woven and impress with the three-dimensional surface of the cushions.
  • These kilim-like cushions bring a breath of fresh air into your home.
  • With their strong material, they are just suitable for the transitional period.

Røros Tweed is known for its wool textiles from high-quality Norwegian sheep’s wool. The plain-colored Una cushions are generously sized at 60×60 centimeters and are exceptionally soft thanks to the use of 100% lambswool. The slightly broken colors get us in the mood for spring, but they don’t lose any relevance for the rest of the year.

The motif of the Free cushions by Ferm living shows a dancing dance of naked bodies, which could well have been inspired by Henri Matisse’s famous painting “The Dance.” Instead of an electrifying blue background, however, warm earth tones are used here. A pretty sofa cushion that is best staged as a highlight on the sofa, surrounded by monochrome companions.

The Calm cushion from Ferm living impresses with muted colors and a calm stripe or check pattern. It is woven from a fluffy cotton fabric, and the ends protrude unpretentiously as fringes. The Flores cushions by AYTM are colorful and paradisiacal, transforming the sofa landscape into a sea of ​​flowers. And that without coming across as striking with a floral pattern but with abstract shapes and shiny threads. The collection was created by the Danish designer Signe Kejbo, whose work often deals with the life cycle of flowers and blossoms. The Flores sofa cushions are a beautiful addition that banishes winter from your four walls with luscious colors and shapes.

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