Fotos Nuas Playboy Dana Plato

Fotos Nuas Playboy Dana Plato


Fotos Nuas Playboy Dana Plato

fotos llamados playboy dena plato

In perhaps the strangest twist to this story, in 1999 Plato returned to Playboy, and in an interview with Playboy TV, described her return to a career in the adult industry. “It’s, like, funny (laughs),” she said. “From your doorstep, you know, you can see a sea of chicks who have names like Dante and Alethia. (laughs)… I am back at work, and I’m doing great. I’m a film actress, ex-lesbian; I have boobs now.” She added, “I was in Soft Exotic; my breasts were fake, but I still had a good time.”

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