Ashrae Duct Fitting Databasel

Ashrae Duct Fitting Databasel


Ashrae Duct Fitting Databasel

This was accomplished through the development of a computer fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the cross section of a duct fitting. This model was then converted into code which adesigner could utilize in any computer software environment to eithergenerate a duct pressure drop and loss coefficient table or perform a duct pressure loss and coefficient calculation using any fitting. If you are familiar with fluid dynamics, it is fast and easy to use this model.The code was used to generate a duct pressure drop and loss coefficient table whichwas then used to plot out pressure drops along fittings by varying values of wall area, flow area, duct volume, duct size and fitting dimensions. It is recommended that a CFD model be created for each duct fitting before it is put in the ASHRAEDuct Fitting Database.

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Several fitting types have been created with the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database. These aredifferent duct fittings with unique accuracy requirements. One example ofthis is the flat-oval fitting (Figure 1) which has a requirement of highaccuracy. This duct fitting can be applied to pipe and ductwork with lowaccuracy due to its size, which is relatively small compared to the size ofregular round and rectangular duct fittings. The flat-oval fitting can beconstructed out of two common plastic pipe fittings, slip and cap (Figure 2).The flat-oval fitting consists of a plastic disc with a hole drilled in thecenter (Figure 3). A drive, usually a spanner, is needed to place thefitting over the pipe or duct, which is then set in place by the drive. Thefitting is tightened by using a thick, soft tie or lock (Figure 4). The awall thickness may be set by using a lock similar to the one shown (Figure 5).Figure 1: ASHRAE Duct Fitting Flat-oval Fitting

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Data for the flat-oval fitting was plotted on the basis of a specifiedflow area when, in reality, such a fitting typically has a large wallto area ratio since the fitting is generally small compared to the pipe andducts on both sides of the fitting. The wall-to-area ratio of the flat-ovalfitting was therefore changed from the specified 1/6 to 2/6.


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