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First things first I’m coming from Lightroom .5 (at time of writing 5.1) – which is a different kettle of fish! Went from CS3 to LR and immediately learned to love it as a merging of photoshop and Lightroom – all workflow needs are covered, so “it just works”! I wanted to love Elements as well, but I just found it difficult to sort through the features and functions etc and had to hold out a while before it clicked! No place like home for the learning curve!
So when 5.1 hit I upgraded asap – and was immediately delighted with the efficiency of adoption and management of assets – again, it really was right there and “just works”.
This 5.2 is the proverbial icing on the cake – I find it far more efficient and the ability to create and manage scenes and panorama etc while editing is simply exhilarating. I have dozens of tutorials waiting to be created, so no doubt the learning curve will be steep, and steep it is – but I strongly believe that over time ability will match the initial heady rush of adoption. Difficulties in the transition will be addressed and smoothed out I hope!
I would certainly recommend learning both and seeing which suits and fits best for your situation!
It is an absolute joy and I believe it has certainly levelled the playing field, plus now with integration with Lightroom “assets” and preset/web based galleries etc – it’s a joy to work with!
As I’m sure others will say, I’m a bit spoiled – so I’m holding out for “Bridge” integration, and disabling UI elements to ease the transition – and I find that using the Development features gives me that opportunity.
Hope this panoply of learning is a help to those in need of a review – all the best!
Jonathan Rhodes

Explore the powerful array of capabilities of Photoshop. It is the premier digital imaging and photo editing software that enables professional photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and many other creative professionals to transform their ideas into stunning digital creations. Check out all that Photoshop has to offer!

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The Photography plan is a great option for people who need to enhance their photos and photos is typically something that’s created using the Photoshop app. This allows for a more focused experience for what Photoshop is great at and for users who only need Photoshop and don’t need Adobe Lightroom. While access to Lightroom will also give you a great tool with options for retouching, working with RAW images, and more, Photoshop gives you the tools you need when it comes to non-traditional editing of photos (creative effects, etc.) It also comes with more features, and allows you to have custom presets as well as layers. The nice thing is, if you are already using Lightroom or Gimp, there is a native Photoshop file format if you decide to move from Lightroom. This is helpful to make sure your images stay in sync as there are many other tools and websites that use this file format.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 also packages up the feature upgrades that began with the Photoshop CC 2018 release, such as Target-based Shadow Clipping. Adobe has also included film textures and projectors that are incorporated into Photoshop to help designers better emulate the look of found film. These features were originally introduced into Photoshop releases as a way to emulate the look of film photography, but the designers at Adobe have added the new digital practice of shooting and editing films themselves into the software.

Adobe is adding a baked-in compression engine to CC 2019 that will help users create videos with, as Adobe puts it, the “high quality settings of broadcast television,” as well as a Smart Tone feature for video creative professionals to scale and adjust their colour and tone to fit for different screen sizes.

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The new Lightroom mobile integration makes it easier to manage images on the go, exporting edits directly to Lightroom. Lightroom mobile is also now on mobile browsers on all platforms, so you can check and access your imagery instantly.

Adobe has added new features that make performing colour grading, key adjustments, and exposure and contrast tweaks in the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC desktop or mobile app easier than ever. Adobe is also adding some new image, video, and editing features that will offer new ways for designers to create and share visuals, including the ability to make adjustments directly with the new in-app camera.

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Adobe Photoshop is widely known as the absolute standard for image creation and editing. Now, with the help of new machine learning algorithms, even better results are possible. For example, the Photos app in iOS 11 will suggest photos to you based on the ones you’ve been taking. With the new algorithm in Photoshop, suggestions can be based on double the number of data points.

Now you can apply or edit text, effects, and other items faster by using the new Animation workspace. Using the new Create From Motion function, you can use the same techniques you use to create a motion graphic to edit text and blend it into a photo. Right-click in the Animation workspace to add effects easily. Once you have created a text frame or layer, drag and drop it to the Animation workspace or transform the text into motion.

Sharing files is both easier and more secure now with support for both Adobe Drive, a superfast cloud service inside of Photoshop, as well as completely new security features. You can easily move files to and from Adobe Drive, or securely encrypt them using AES-256 encryption. To open an encrypted file, double-click it and choose Open with Adobe Drive to drop it in.

Digital editing has become an ever-evolving industry that is constantly reinventing itself. With updates like Collage, you can get creative by combining several images into a single one. You can also combine different adjustments and effects, such as red-eye reduction, with ease. It’s all part of the supercharged features of PS CC 2019—with Minds eyeworkspaces and AI, you can access a new kind of magic with just a few clicks.

Tamron has introduced the new Tamron TAP-1700 Super Iris Zoom lens–a 12mm-32mm lens with nine grouped zoom steps and a maximum aperture of F1.4–for the complete spectrum of 35mm format cameras in both full frame and crop body mirrorless cameras. The new lens, which allows for subjects to be the center of focus at infinity, incorporates six aspherical elements and a prestigious three-layer coating to support TAP-1700’s ground-breaking optics and ultra-high performance. Tamron will deliver a wide range of professional grade lenses compatible with the digital SLR B7700, B7700S, B7700D, and B7700D+.

The Dogg. Ai. Bodysuit by roboprat is a practical high-tech undergarment that you wear as if it were a costume. Wear it for protection while you’re riding a skateboard, doing a snowboard, surfing, playing soccer, or just while out with friends. Show your style, creativity, and status while protecting your body in the Dogg. Ai. Bodysuit.

Adobe can help you find creative ways to use its tools and applications. Inspire Adobe — the Adobe Inspire web site — offers inspiration and information about hundreds of resources to help you make the most of your image-making skills. Inspire Academy shows you how to improve your photo editing with online programs, for free. Browse these resources for anytime, anywhere inspiration.

New features in Photoshop let you easily and quickly create high-quality JPEG files, delivered instantly. New features in Photoshop also enable you to use GPU accelerated effects and work with major new features for UE4, a game creation platform for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Today, Photoshop Elements for macOS delivers the same toolset as Photoshop on Windows. It’s also packed with tons of templates, brushes, and presets that will turn almost anyone into an instant Photoshop savvy. There’s even a spell checker tool.

You can use ultrasound waves to fine-tune images in Photoshop. You can also use the recorder on your mobile device to capture an image, and you’ll get more creative control by using the marker tools, level-ups, and perspective guides.

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Yet at its core, Photoshop Elements for Mac is still just Photoshop, repackaged for the Mac. It has the same feature set, experience, and timeline workflow as the Windows version of Photoshop. There’s not much lacking, but the lack of features that Elements for Mac lacks is probably not so big a deal if you have a Mac and Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Master Class: Learn all the fundamentals of Photoshop via a wide variety of in-depth tutorials presented by master and innovative educators Steve Jones, Chris Orwig, and Deke McClelland and many more.

Adobe Bridge is a powerful feature of Photoshop that enables you to conduct batch image adjustments. It stores the settings for image-processing steps as preferences. Adobe Bridge is a native Mac application that integrates with Photoshop, so it’s a one-stop shop for image-processing functions.

You can access a large number of tools directly from the Photoshop desktop, or from the Mac OS X dock or Launchpad. In addition to Photoshop’s own toolbox, there are tools that are built into the operating system: Apple’s Finder, Calendar, Finder, Maps, Messages, and Reminders. You can browse for images with a map that takes you directly to the image on your hard drive.

Originally published in 1997, this book has been revised to cover contemporary, industry-leading techniques and expand on the topics covered in the first edition. It includes new topics, and brief tutorials to help you master the most sophisticated Photoshop techniques. You’ll master all of the elements of digital imaging, including color correction and editing, compositing, retouching, and much more!

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Basic (1-4 edition) includes exhaustive examples of all the most requested and powerful Photoshop features. This book is ideal for beginners because it presents you with combinations of tools and features that you can master in just a few hours.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Powerful (5-8 editions) is exactly the book you have been wanting on the Top 10 Reference Topic list. It includes chapters on workflow, basic techniques, advanced methods, and all the other top-requested features and techniques. You’ll master your Photoshop skills in no time.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Incredible (9-12 edition) gives you the full power of Photoshop in one complete book. We have continued to expand on the most advanced Photoshop techniques and concepts in chapters on advanced techniques, using the calibrated monitor and monitor profiling, Advanced Camera Raw, Photography Lighting & Composition, the History Panel, Smart Objects, and more.

This volume is your Photoshop guide as you master techniques and topics from the first Photoshop volume. There are brief tutorials for the most popular Photoshop techniques and a CD with PDF files of some of the tutorials.

This is a revolutionary tool available in every other image editing software that is used for modifying surface. With Photoshop, the bump map tool enhances the 3D effect adding more realistic textures to the images. It is a powerful tool that can be used to add shadows, increase contrast and much more to the images, and it is a must to have tool for every editor.

Layer masks are a very handy tool that cover multiple layers and help you to place the specific pixels transparent where you want them to be, making it easy and crucial for designers. You can use this tool to change your filling background, hide elements on the image or add an effect or a brand logo or color to just certain layers on an image, a place where it is non-visible. It is essential to add a layer mask to everything you design, including outer elements, shapes, composites, tracks, and more.

If you are a designer who works in color, a tool that generates a custom range of color is a must have tool, especially if you work with color regularly. Adobe Prismacolor introduced its first digital version of this tool, Photoshop Color Range. Photoshop Color Range is an easy to use tool that provides an estimated resulting color with its own range, which can be saved and also copied, making it a very helpful tool for designers.

The Magic wand tool helps to select the foreground and background of the image. It is smart than any other tool and image editing tool and it gives a wide selection window to choose the magic brush and it even selects all the objects in that spot, even a very tiny portion.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Macintosh software download. This book provides a strong yet practical foundation that will enable you to design in a variety of media types, including creating and retouching black-and-white and color images, adding special effects, working with multilayered images, manipulating and retouching raw files, and editing video files. You’ll find this feature useful if you’re working with an Apple Macintosh computer.

Content-Aware Move Tool replaces the Content-Aware Fill feature in Adobe Photoshop, as well as the Content-Aware Replace feature. The Content-Aware Move Tool can be used to move or duplicate an image to another location, or to apply a smart filter that feels like it has been content-awarely placed wherever the tool is enabled. You can also use the tool to move or duplicate objects within a layer, or to move or duplicate an entire layer. See Content-Aware Move Tool details for more information.

Adobe Photoshop and Elements. In this book, you get a whole lot of training using Photoshop. You’ll learn how to set up your computer, and show you how to begin creating pages. In addition, you’ll learn how to set up layers, and you’ll be trained in using the most important tools in Photoshop.

Photoshop Features. In this book, you’ll learn the standard tools you need for everyday tasks. Painterly and lively textures, clever rendering, and the incorporation of a variety of artistic styles will teach you the basics of using Photoshop as a tool for professional versatility. You’ll be introduced to a variety of image types, from the traditional to the abstract. Finally, you’ll see what’s new with the most recent release of Photoshop. And, with your knowledge of the basics and process, you’ll pick up the tools you need to create stunning projects.

As discussed earlier, Photoshop is also a very potent tool for working with layers. This feature can come in handy with several layouts, compositions and types of illustrations. In Photoshop, you can use layers to set different styles for different parts of an image. For example, you can use a group layer for a figure’s face. You can fine-tune the color, shape, and shadows on the face. You can also work with masks to mask out the object you don’t want to work on. If you delete faces or objects, the layer will still remain intact and can be reused.

Photoshop has the most Dynamic Content Adjustment (DCA), which includes the ability to change the color, luminance, contrast and saturation of any image. This adjustment is useful when working with any type of image such as photography, art and graphic designs. You can see a preview of the adjustment in the Tools panel when it is selected.

You can also use levels adjustment in photography when the lighting of the scene changes. You can check the faces, make adjustments to the shadows or you can undo any changes. You may have to make several images for the same scene in order to get the exact lighting conditions you want. While working on your image, you can adjust the curves presets to get the exact look you are looking for.

In addition to this, you can use a selection tool to draw a selection, get basic shapes and to create a marquee. You can even blend the layers to create effects such as selection-specific solid fills or textures.

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